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The help of a company that specializes in debt service can be particularly helpful when we do not want to use our own attempts to recover debts from the debtor, who delays the payment of invoices issued by us. for clarification

Effective Debt Recovery

Running a business apart from the fact that it offers many facilities and opportunities to meet professionally, unfortunately also carries with it a certain risk. Especially in situations when we encounter a reliable contractor. One who will not pay on time for the invoice we issue.

In a comfortable situation, there are people who have regular customers, proven companies to whom we already have confidence and make payments on invoices in due time. However, if we often have contact with new companies and at the same time we often use timely payments (eg 7, 14 or even 30-day transfers), it is worth protecting ourselves in such a situation. It is enough to establish cooperation with a reliable company specializing in the field of receivables management. It will be beneficial for us both in the case of newly established forms of cooperation as well as in the case when we already have some unpaid invoices from which we would like to recover the payments.

How to recover debt from the company, that is, effective debt recovery. One of the companies specializing in the purchase and management of receivables is the Universal Receivables Fund. Among the company’s main offers is the assignment of receivables, recovery orders both in Poland and international debt collection. In addition, legal services for companies or business intelligence, which may prove helpful in establishing new contracts or other forms of cooperation.

In the case of the debt collection process, they can be held at three levels. The first of these is amicable court proceedings under which the company first sends a written reminder. The company contacts via email and conducts negotiations and telephone mediations. The second step is judicial proceedings, which analyze the status of the case, bring an action and handle the case. In addition, we also represent us at the stage of ordinary proceedings in order to obtain a final judgment. As part of the third step, which is the enforcement proceedings, we can count on recommendations and selection of the bailiff’s office as well as overseeing the activities of the bailiff’s offices.

An interesting offer that I found in the offer of the Universal Debt Fund is the possibility of selling debt. It is a good solution in a situation where you do not want to expose yourself to complicated debt collection procedures. We can simply re-sell your debt, so in short, an invoice not paid for by our contractor.

Debts can be sold for all debts and the transaction itself is based on a mutually agreed debt assignment agreement. The main advantage of such a solution is to free yourself from the need to conduct a difficult and often arduous process of debt recovery on your own.

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