Help me I need money now -What can I do if I need money now?

How many times have I heard friends and family say: ” I need money “, “I need a loan”! Then they begin to explain the complicated situations they are going through. They combine strong emotions, bad experiences, worse decisions and a lot of complicated circumstances. The conversation ends in trying to ask me for money in the best way.

I, who live up to date and I can not afford to be lending express, I try to give my advice and my point of view and I explain that I really can not lend money at that time. I also recommend Othello’s online loans that are perfect for those situations.

What can I do if I need money now?

Do I really have no money and why can not I lend money to my family member or friend? Am I a bad person, greedy, I do not want to let go of the few pesos that I have in my bag? Or is it that I am simply in a situation as difficult as theirs?

Surely the answer to all those questions is “NO.” When someone comes to me and says ” I need money ” the first thing I think is: there are a lot of professional institutions with many resources that can address the call to that painful phrase ” I need money. “If there are all these companies, why do you try to embarrass me? Better go to Payday Now! Ask them for all the money you need, they are professionals and they are dedicated to that.

It is not fair for anyone to put him in such a difficult situation where 2 things can happen:

1) You squeeze your wallet a little and put your hand; today for you tomorrow for me.

2) You tell him with a lot of shame that you can not help him with money at that moment, but he can count on you for anything else.

None of the 2 solutions are so good. So when someone comes to you saying ” I need money ” you can answer what I say: “Look, at this time I can not lend you because I do not have that much money, but I recommend Othello who can lend you cash making a 10-minute online application and a 5-minute phone call. The money will come to you the same day. “

That way you do not decapitalize yourself and you continue to help your friend or family member. Why put at risk so many years of friendship for a few pesos? Better that professionals take care of credit issues.

What do I do when that ” I need money ” comes out of me?

What do I do when that " I need money " comes out of me?

Due to what we have just mentioned, I hope that your first reaction is not to go and say ” I need money ” to the first family member or friend that you meet on the street. We already saw that that does not work so well.

Better tell us ” I need money ” to us in Othello and send us a request for credit. It will take you 10 minutes to complete the application online; then we will make a brief call to confirm some data. In a matter of minutes, you will have the money in your account so you can use the money in the way you see fit.

So you know, say ” I need money ” to the right institution and do not involve family or friends in a subject as sensitive as credit. I assure you that you will save yourself a lot of problems and you can fix your affairs more efficiently.


Payday loans online same day

Where to get the best payday loans

Applying for payday loans has become relatively normal these days. Due to the economic crisis in a large part of Europe and the lack of liquidity, people are looking for these credits to get ahead of any economic difficulties that may arise. So, these financial products have taken a significant boom in recent years and have positioned themselves in the world of finance.

Sure, you who are reading this article, have chosen – at some point in your life – to apply for a loan online. And we know that you are always in search of the best loan available. Well, in this article we will give you several tips to find with them. Read carefully.

The best payday loans

The best personal loans

We all know that the best payday loans is the one that is paid with the lowest interest rate available. You may think that obtaining this type of financing is impossible, but we have good news for you: it is not!

Getting the best payday loans is simple. We just have to do an extensive search among the available options and we will find it. It is hard work, but our pocket will thank you in the future.

Online payday loans are financial products designed to cover specific economic needs (a trip, a tuition, an invoice) These are characterized, mainly, by the speed in their management.

In order to access them, certain requirements must be met. These requirements are simple to record, so you should not worry about complying with this step. Here we will leave you what are the documents that you must show your lender.

  • The requirements to make at the request of the best payday loans are the following:
  • You need to be of legal age (18 years or older) and be a legal resident of the country in which the lender operates.
  • You must have a valid national identity document.
  • You also need a bank account which you can access via online.
  • And you need to give the lender some document that verifies your creditworthiness.
  • With these requirements in hand, it is very likely that your loan application will be approved within a period of no more than 24 hours.

Best personal credits

Best personal credits

There are many types of payday loans in the market. The best personal credits are those that adapt to the needs of the clients and these that we will name fulfill that function.

The types of credits that can be used are very varied. Online mini-loans are mini loans that are granted in a very short period of time, between 24 and 48 hours. It can usually be 15 minutes. The maximum amount is usually 900 dollars. And the return period, between 15 and 30 days. Interest is around 1% daily.

Instant payday loans are another type, and lend a larger amount, between 3,000 and 30,000 dollars. The procedure, therefore, is usually delayed with respect to the previous ones, which has to do with the need for more paperwork and paperwork to prove solvency.

Other options with which loans and loans are presented online are fast loans for freelancers, payroll advances or urgent loans for clients in credit institutions.

Surely, in one of these, you will get the best personal credits.

Better car loans

Better car loans

Few people can “afford” to buy a new cash car, so most do it with financing. To have a new car, the option of getting a loan is ideal. Here we will give you some tips for you to get the best car loans.

To be sure that we will obtain the best car loans we must take into account some aspects: credit payments, the interest rate of the same, if you want to buy a new or used car and the credit history of the interested party.

Cheap credits, as we explained at the beginning of this post, exist and can be purchased online. For a credit to be considered “cheap” it must meet a condition: that its interest rates be low.

In this way, you will acquire a loan and you will have to pay it back at almost the same price as the amount you obtained in the operation.

Loan without credit bureau and proof of salary

A loan without Credit Bureau and proof of salary can only be realized if a few things are observed. It can be said from the outset that the implementation of this difficult loan request poses problems. The loan without Credit Bureau is usually sought by people who have negative entries in their Credit Bureau, but also by consumers who do not want their credit to be known to their bank.

This is usually done when a major financial project is being planned and the consumer does not want to lower his credit rating with a loan. But the majority of customers are looking for a Credit Bureau-free loan because of the negative features that make a loan from a normal German bank almost impossible. Each bank carries out a Credit Bureau query before a loan approval. The information provided by Credit Bureau is fulfilled by the credit check. If Credit Bureau is conspicuous, the bank classifies lending as a risk and will reject a loan without Credit Bureau and proof of salary. Nevertheless, there are ways of realizing the loan.

The loan without Credit Bureau and proof of salary

The loan without Credit Bureau and proof of salary

In many cases, it is self-employed people who cannot provide proof of salary. But the regular incoming income is one of the most important credit criteria alongside the clean Credit Bureau. In order not to exclude a self-employed person from lending at once, there are alternatives and to secure the loan, the naming of a guarantor or a co-applicant. The unemployed and students who need a loan are in the same dilemma. An unemployed person receiving unemployment benefit is not recognized by the banks as income because it cannot be attached.

Each credit is checked for creditworthiness and the economic background of the applicant is also checked. The people who are eligible for a credit without proof of salary are those who do not work because of their wealth. The assets may be invested in such a way that they cannot be used spontaneously. For example with closed funds. These could be partially seized to secure the loan or blocked for dispositions. In this case, the bank does not incur a loss if there is a credit default. The amount of the loan will then depend on the amount of the security.

The foreign loan

The foreign loan

In general, it can be said that a credit without Credit Bureau and proof of salary is often the last resort to get out of the financial financial crunch. The negative Credit Bureau entry and the lack of proof of salary are reasons for many banks to refuse the loan. One way out could be the foreign loan granted by a Swiss bank. However, the demonstrable income must be presented for this loan. The loans are only granted to employees. For example, the self-employed cannot receive these loans.

Finding a reputable loan offer requires a little patience. The internet is full of advertisements for the Credit Bureau-free loans, but behind this advertising-heavy information is usually only credit brokers. There is also only one foreign bank that grants these loans. This is Best Bank, which is based in Liechtenstein. But the name Swiss credit has retained this credit. This bank does not advertise itself, it can only be found with one page on the Internet. On the page you will find the current interest and information material as well as a loan application that can be downloaded.

The outlook

The outlook

The Credit Bureau-free loan can only be approved if an income from an activity subject to social security contributions can be proven. Loan security is the income that is seized if there are defaults. This bank does not offer an alternative as a guarantor or property security. There must also be an open-ended employment contract; the employment relationship must have existed for one year. The loan amount is limited. There are 3,500 USD and depending on the creditworthiness 5,000 USD. For a loan of more than 3,500 USD, there must be an income that can be attached to at least 80 USD. The public debt register is also queried. If an affidavit is entered there, the loan will be rejected. The age limit is 58 years.

In summary, it can be said that a loan without Credit Bureau and proof of salary can neither be realized by an installment loan nor by a private loan. Nevertheless, there could be a credit opportunity, this possibility is feasible for everyone, the pledge loan. In the case of a loan without Credit Bureau and proof of salary from the pawnbroker, credit protection is assumed based on the value of the deposited pledge. A pawnbroker does not ask about income and will not check the creditworthiness of the loan seeker. He determines the value of the pledge and pays the equivalent in cash.

Debt rescheduling – What are the requirements?


Many married couples who have taken out joint loans and are now planning to separate and then divorce are wondering what legal consequences this will have for them. As different as the individual types of credit and personal circumstances may be, it is important to note that the person who signed the loan agreement can also be held liable for them. If both spouses signed it, this would mean that they are jointly responsible for paying the installments.

Debt rescheduling – the requirements

If a loan agreement only bears the signature of a spouse, rescheduling in the event of separation is very easy. Neither the spouse’s consent nor any other person would need to be obtained for this. If the borrower has found a suitable offer with which he would like to replace one or more old loans from the time of his marriage, he would have to make a corresponding application and provide the bank with the necessary papers and evidence of its creditworthiness.

If the spouse willing to credit achieves a regular income and has a positive credit bureau information, there is usually nothing to prevent a debt rescheduling in the event of separation. It becomes a little more difficult if the spouse in question has not previously worked. In that case, however, he may not have been solely responsible for the loan agreement in marriage.

Unemployed, Hartz IV recipients, low earners or housewives are generally only creditworthy if the spouse signs the loan agreement or if they can find a solvent guarantor. If both spouses have signed the loan agreement, debt rescheduling is much more complicated. A clear legal regulation would have to be made as to who will take over the loan installments and to what extent.

Debt rescheduling – the conditions

Debt rescheduling - the conditions

Once the responsibilities have been clarified, a decision for or against rescheduling could be made. Similar to any other debt restructuring, the borrower should take his time and compare the offers from several banks. Only in this way will he find an optimal solution for the redemption of a loan, the combination of several loans or the settlement of the overdraft facility in the checking account. In the event of debt rescheduling or early repayment of a loan, the bank could charge prepayment penalties. However, more and more banks are foregoing this today.

If the debt rescheduling is approved, the outstanding loan amount of the old loan is immediately settled. From this point in time, the customer would have to service the new loan agreement and pay the monthly installments in the agreed amount and until the loan is fully repaid. The term is specified in the loan agreement.

Loan without guarantor and without credit bureau

Sometimes situations occur in everyday life that could not have been foreseen. You can quickly get into a bottleneck, especially in the financial area. The car has given up on the ghost, although you need it every day to drive to work. The washing machine, refrigerator and tumble dryer failed at the same time and the tax office sent a high bill.

There is a hurry, money has to be raised quickly so that normal life can continue. The overdraft on the checking account is not sufficient to cover all expenses, an inheritance or a lottery win is not in sight and savings are not available? There is only the possibility of a loan that covers the total of the bills and can be repaid in acceptable installments.

Before the loan is compared to the provider

Before the loan is compared to the provider

You make an appointment with the house bank, but this does not go as desired. Some time ago there was an incident that led to a negative Credit Bureau entry and nullifies the chance of a loan from the bank. You also cannot show a guarantor who guarantees the repayment of the installments. How do you find a loan without guarantor and without Credit Bureau? Numerous dubious providers are on the move in this area. If you want to be on the safe side that the loan without guarantor and without Credit Bureau is cheap and reliable, it is best to start a provider comparison on the Internet.

This provides detailed information and statements about the individual lenders. The effective annual interest rate, the fees for processing and brokering, the amount of the loan, the term, the installment amount and the speed of payment are compared. Remember that even with a loan without a guarantor and without a Credit Bureau, as in most cases: everything sounds too good, there is usually a catch.

Serious or untrustworthy?

Serious or untrustworthy?

A credit offer is dubious if no collateral is required, if additional insurance is required to pay out the loan, if salary transfers or blank transfers are required or an upfront fee is due. Normally, a proof of income is sufficient as security, the fees are added to the loan amount and repaid by the installments. A positive assessment of the online lender by an independent institution or organization is a good sign and speaks for the lender. So definitely start a thorough comparison for the providers in terms of credit without guarantor and without Credit Bureau.

There are also private credit brokers who offer themselves as lenders. The rules are usually similar to those of banks, but mostly an unconditional and permanent employment with a fixed income is required. Another option is a personal loan, in which a private person provides the money. It can be a stranger or someone from your personal environment. For the loan without guarantor and without Credit Bureau, financing partners from all over Germany and abroad can be won through a comparison.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages

A loan without guarantor and without Credit Bureau is the only way for many people to get money. Most providers handle this quickly, there is no demand for the exact purpose. The entire process is also anonymous if requested by the customer. The disadvantage of a loan without a guarantor and without a Credit Bureau is the usually high interest and fees. Also be careful not to overdo the amount of the installments to be paid back. Your negative Credit Bureau entry has a reason and the financial burden can quickly become too high.

In the worst case, if you can no longer pay the installments, your salary or the specified collateral will be attached. It is usually not possible for the unemployed to obtain a loan without a guarantor and without a Credit Bureau. Providers who offer special loans for the unemployed usually charge very high fees and interest to absorb their risk. The guarantee of an additional person is also required. An alternative for inactive people is a loan from private individuals or the loan of valuables in the pawnshop.

Credit without Credit Bureau in Berlin

Residents of the city of Berlin have a hard time if they need a loan without Credit Bureau. In the debt compass of the Capital Lender e. V. places the city on the Spree in last place and the anonymity of a metropolis does not make it easier to take out a loan.

It is different in the countryside and in small towns. The clerks at the banks and savings banks know their customers there personally, so that a loan application can be processed quite quickly.

Often there is even a friendly relationship, because you meet in the local rifle club or with the volunteer fire brigade. People in Berlin can only dream of such conditions.

Instant loan from private investors

Instant loan from private investors

A new financing model can help – the instant loan from private investors. People with additional capital requirements advertise on special internet platforms. On the display, they provide information on the amount of the desired loan and the monthly repayment rates. They also state the interest rate they are willing to pay and the purpose of use. In many cases, this information decides whether the instant loan is made. While some investors are only interested in a high return, other investors are concerned about the security of their money. There are even investors who value that the borrower comes from the same city, in this case Berlin.

Is the credit legal without Credit Bureau?

Is the credit legal without Credit Bureau?

In contrast to banks and savings banks, private lenders are not bound by strict legal regulations in the case of a loan contract. Loans without Credit Bureau and credit checks are generally allowed between private individuals. Banks and savings banks do not have a statutory monopoly right to grant loans. However, the agreements must be in the context of § 138 BGB (immoral legal transaction; usury). In the event of an infringement, the investor may face a fine or imprisonment of up to three years in accordance with Section 291 (1) No. 2 of the Criminal Code. It does not matter whether the loan agreement is concluded in Berlin or elsewhere in Germany.

Credit with online instant approval

It should be easy to apply for a loan, and it should also be inexpensive and quickly available. The search for the optimal consumer credit almost automatically results in a loan that is offered online with an instant confirmation. But how can the loan application be made? Which formalities have to be followed and how fast is the procedure. The article provides answers to these questions.

Applying for a loan online with instant approval is as easy as this:

Applying for a loan online with instant approval is as easy as this:

Applying for a loan from branch banks is often very time-consuming. The responsible clerks struggle with busy schedules. Without an early registration, customers can hardly get to their loan officer. Appointments after the regular closing time are in short supply. Not infrequently, therefore, even a vacation day has to be sacrificed, this is the only way to get a timely appointment. At the end of the preliminary discussion there is the provisional loan approval and the request to submit a few more documents.

Anyone who applies for their loan online and with an immediate approval goes into the fast lane when it comes to lending. There are no opening times or face-to-face meetings with online loans. The “branch on the Internet” has time when the customer wants to do his credit transactions. The online loan application can be made at any time of the day or night. Nobody can go wrong when entering data. Online loan applications are simple and understandable, and they have been tried and tested millions of times. There are no ambiguities in the questions.

Which regulations must the applicant observe?

Which regulations must the applicant observe?

Before submitting the application, it is advisable to provide the current figures on your own financial status. The monthly income can be read from the pay slip. Existing credit obligations can be precisely transferred to the application using the account statements. This brief preparation is sufficient for most loan applications. The remaining questions of a normal online application can be answered truthfully and without preparation.

Data entry can be completed within a few minutes. The online bank replies in real time with a preliminary loan approval or loan refusal. If a legally binding application is then to be made, the forms that have already been completed online can only be printed out. The signature must not be forgotten. In addition, as the checklist explains, the supporting documents must also be enclosed. As a final step, a personal visit to the post office counter is required by law. The counter clerk carries out the free Post-ID check and forwards the documents.

How long does it take for the loan to be paid out?

How long does it take for the loan to be paid out?

Applying for the loan online and with immediate approval not only avoids waiting times for the clerk. The loan payment is also very quick. Until the money is available, it only takes about five working days after receipt of the documents by the lender. If you choose the classic alternative to credit – online with immediate approval – you can often not even count on your preliminary appointment within this time.

Loan without Credit Bureau in Stuttgart


The example of Stuttgart shows how the situation on the credit market has shifted since the collapse of Lehman Brother Holdings Inc. Before the financial crisis, the state capital of Baden-Württemberg was considered the place in Germany where banks and savings banks campaigned massively for credit customers.

Anyone who applied for a loan from his house bank as a high-earning employee had to fear neither the credit check nor the Credit Bureau information. Loan approvals by credit institutions were the norm.

Crisis-related adverse effects on lending

Crisis-related adverse effects on lending

A lot has happened since then. Bank insiders speak of slight crisis-related impairments when they want to express that a loan without Credit Bureau in Stuttgart is no longer possible. At least not from the established banks and savings banks. They adhere to the guidelines of the top European monetary authorities, the Best Bank. As a result, the tightened lending guidelines continue to apply to the entire eurozone. It doesn’t matter that Stuttgart is one of the highest-income cities in Europe. After all, several global groups have settled here over the past few decades. Over 1,500 flourishing medium-sized companies ensure that the economic landscape flourishes. But that leaves the banks and savings banks untouched.

Lending is shrinking less

Lending is shrinking less

After all, Best Bank chief Mario Draghi stated that lending shrank less in the second half of 2014. The attentive reader does not fail to notice that this statement is a cleverly hidden request to maintain the status quo. What does this mean for employees, freelancers and self-employed from Stuttgart who have additional financing requirements and want to take out a loan without Credit Bureau?

This group of people has no choice but to look around for alternatives. These are manageable, basically only private loans are possible. If the future borrower does not want to rely on good friends or relatives, he turns to an appropriate internet platform. Here, they have specialized in arranging loans without Credit Bureau, regardless of whether the applicant comes from Stuttgart or not.